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It’s the Season of a Great Awakening

My Story

Speaking words that transform destinies

From sickly, broken and oppressed to a man anointed by the Spirit of the Lord and charged to heal, set free, comfort and awaken a generation of men and women to rebuild a land and reveal God’s glory in the end time… mine is a story of abundant love and unusual grace.

Miraculously healed of a terrible respiratory challenge that lasted more than 2 decades.

Charged in a vivid divine visitation to lead God’s people to the promised land.

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This prophetic message reveals God’s next big move, not just in Africa, but worldwide


Activities, events and systems driving the Vision

Rebuild Africa Movement

This project, the name notwithstanding, is a global movement. It is first a campaign to begin, coordinate and complete the work of rebuilding of the continent of Africa, as mandated by God.

But beyond that, it is ultimately a move of the Spirit to manifest in a unique way…

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City of Praise

The City of Praise is an ancillary of the Rebuild Africa Movement.

This is both a physical and spiritual city, and it forms the most important spiritual activity towards the realization of the Rebuild Africa Movement.

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Eden – Home of Refuge

The Eden Project is a vision that has been planted in my mind and heart for a very long time. It was borne out of a compelling desire to provide a “window of hope” for the poorest and the terribly hopeless members of society. The initial driver of this vision was the homeless persons, sleeping half naked in the streets, sometimes during the extreme cold of winter. This includes children and babies.

Eden, the Home of Refuge, will be a shelter, and much more. It will be a birth place of hope, where the hopeless and helpless will not only be catered for, but will also be helped to ultimately stand on their feet again and become productive members of society.


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