God’s Vision for Africa: Intro

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This category of blog posts is not just made up of random thoughts. God’s Vision for Africa is a book, written in 2021 and published on Amazon in the same year. The book is now available on all major publishing platforms, in various formats: hardcover, paperback, digital.

A free version is also available on this website!

And I’m sending the message in the book out as blog posts because I want everyone, everywhere to be able to access the book, no excuse. It is that important. When you read the book – or these posts – and I hope you do, then you will understand why this is so.

This is not just a book for Africans. It is a divinely commanded message for the endtime. This is no exaggeration.

My prayer is that God, by His Holy Spirit, will lighten every mind that reads this. so that they can see clearly and experience the liberating power of God in the words of the book.


Contrary to what science teaches, the earth and other existent life forms from the beginning of time, were created and are being controlled by God, the Creator. God uses times and seasons to determine events in both the natural and celestial realms. In between God’s set times, humans are allowed to carry out their own activities, but in the end, God’s ultimate plan succeeds.

One of such plans of God is the emergence of Africa (through the prosperity and all-around development of the nations therein) as an end-time prosperous continent. Despite its many past failures, setbacks and present challenges, Africa is now, more than ever before, on the verge of a breakthrough. The countries of Africa will arise and advance greatly. The citizens of those countries will awake from their slumber and rebuild their societies. People of African descent everywhere will return home and join in the work of restoration. The forsaken land will become the envy of the world.

The above will surely be the desire of every true-born African. But the truth is, that is also the vision of God for the land as the end of the world draws near. As is His practice from time past, God will use Africa’s turnaround story to reveal again to the world His power, might and love – to show that all people matter to Him and that He is still God, sitting on His throne in heaven, ruling in the kingdom of men.

This message of hope is what is being shared to Africans, and indeed to the world, through this book: “God’s Vision for Africa.”
It is a wake-up call to all desiring a better story for Africa, to get ready to work with God in the rebuilding of our land. The process of change required for this impending glorious breakthrough, and other necessary details, are presented in the book.

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